My name is Kfir, and I’ve been living and breathing professional photography and videography for over two decades. I still get excited by every new project, always seeking to broaden the borders of my experience.
As an artist, my primary tool is my intuition – a primal gut-feeling about the people, the objects, the events that I come across along my way.
As a photographer, my challenge is to be able to communicate and to help others communicate themselves.
I strongly believe that no matter what or where you shoot - it’s figuring out the light and giving absolute attention to details that make a killer frame happen.
As a professional, I aim to best fulfill the desires of my clients by translating their vision into a visual reality. I try to be as versatile as I can. It enriches my world on a daily basis and allows me to collaborate with a wide variety of other talented pros.
In the last years I am the co-founder and visionary director of achso! Digital Creative Agency in Berlin. 
I hope you enjoy my work. I know I do.
Telefon: +49 (0) 1602750106
Thank you!
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